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Our Facilities  

The class room are spacious and well equipped. The school is resourced with well maintained facilities.

  • Computer Room
  • Art and craft room
  • Music and dance Rooms
  • Activity Room
  • Library
  • Table tennis room
  • Staff Room and Medical Room
  • Yagyashala where hawan is performed regularly
Computer Lab
  • These days one of the vital components of IT is the computers. It has become indispensable tool for students and teachers.
  • From class Pre school to V children are taught some of the important concepts of computers.
  • Emphasis is laid on mouse movement & key board skills.
  • Students are awarded grades for practical and theory exams.
  • The children are also motivated to make creative projects in subject, science, mathematics, SST, through computers.
Activity Room

Children learn faster understand better and retain their knowledge permanently when taught by activity method. Activities and planned so as to make the learning enjoyable. We are well equipped with teaching aids. These are also brought by students (example seeds for learning about germination).

VCD players, overhead projectors, educational kits, work sheets, cassettes to namea few.

  • Class rooms have wall to wall blackboard which are used to reinforce the current topics being taught in the class and to develop creativity of the students.
  • Inter house competition results are displayed on the boards which brings the whole corridor to life. It channelizes true spirit and develops aesthetics sense in all.
  • Flannel boards in the class are full of colorful charts making the class informative and lively. These are changed periodically.
  • Library books are provided for each class so that they are encouraged to read new books and share the contents.
  • During the fruit break children are encourage to bring fruits of their choice thus inculcating healthy eating habits.
  • Picnic, excursion, trips, workshops are organized for all classes.

News paper as a tool for learning process. We subscribe to the prestigious newspaper ‘the Times of India’ and ‘The Hindustan Times. Workshop and educational trips are organized through them, to enhance the existing skills and acquire new skills in the students.

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Sec-9, New Delhi - 110022
Phone : 011-35552488,011 79658301, 9310062112
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Phone : 011-35552488, 011 79658301, 9310062112
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