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In the present era, the objective of school education is not just the delivery of didactic teaching of various curricula for preparing the students for framed examinations, but it is the wholesome development of the personality and maturity of young minds that are more important. With Principal Sanjana Bakshi Datta on the front line, the team of dedicated teachers and the support staff of this school has amply provided the students with enormous opportunities to participate and make their mark in the out-of-the curriculum activities. These include various kinds of indoor and outdoor sports, cultural activities, creative arts, social work, and a variety of seminars and discussion sessions on governance and career building. Equally important has been the continuous participation and performance of students in religious practices that permeate through their minds and intellect to help them be morally and humanely strong. It is such a wholesome education and character building that the school strives for its students. The world belongs to them and the school prepares the young to strive for owning it. They do.

The school also keeps a continuous and meaningful liaison with the parents of students. The parents as owners and the teachers as custodians work wonderfully together, each complementing the other to blossom and polish the personality and achievements of their wards.

Now, with this opportunity for me to join the team, I wish and pray that I do contribute too.

My best wishes and prayers for God’s blessings, for the school, the students, the Principal, all the teachers, and the other support staff.


Dr. Ramesh Arya

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